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Eye of the Poet & eNarrative (2002-2017)

Welcome Home.
by Erin McDowell

Let Me Tell You A Story
by Hayden McConnell

Pet the Chicken
by Reid Lewis

by Kyle Bacciocco

by Rachel Hayes

Yearbook Confessions
by Chloe Golonka

What Stirs Behind Your Curtain
by Kendall Brewer

Let the Sushi Roll
by Alex Toma

My London
by Rachel Acquaviva

It's a Small World
by Laurel Wind

Alarms Suck
by Annsley Tarver

The Typewriter
by Lauren Duncan

To Grandmother's House We Go
by Tyler Spalding

by Ross Goldfarb

NFL Super Top 5
by Nic Johnson

Where In the World Am I?
by Ali Broadbridge

The Archie Digest Library - The Analects Comics Digest Magazine
by Dyamond Howell

One Good Thing About Music...
by Emily Barger

Nothing More Than A Memory
by Megan Quinn

Trouble Sleeping?
by Hanna Siverling

Wild West
by Hannah Fernandes Martin

Wanna Disco?
by Grom

Lake Bluff
by Eliza Mosbargers

My Carolina Roadtrip
by Dani Chavero

Class of 1969
by Caroline Grant

1968 Fortunes
by Britt Lyons

Birth Month Bouquet
by Mara Frontera

Light Website
by Bea Balajonda

Hellish Culture
by Arya Boris

by Maddy Hoffman

Discover Your Zodiac Sign
by Mackenzie Clarken

You. Are. This.
by Grace Gibson

by Morgan Dagata

by Evan Burdett

What a Misogynistic World
by Emily Genzer

Dark Window
by Ben Johnson

by Alex Root

This is Me
by Allie Nick

Conspiracy Theories
by Seth Stroud

Follow Me
by Abbey Ojemann

My Life in Cards
by Victoria Labenberg

Forever Alone
by Michelle Macalino

Festival Make-up Looks
by Erin Mena

Eye of the Tiger
By Ellie Anderson

Happiness by Wellness
by Ebony Scott

Artist's Creek
by Amanda Morian

Birthstones and Zodiac Signs
by Kristin Lilley

Project Polaroid
by Caroline Brehman

Decision Making Beer
by Elena Kyriakos

by Drew Dimos

Golf Fashion
by Chelsea Wiggins

Oil Lamp
by Nikki Cole

A Home Without Music is a House without Windows
by Claire Dollen


Let's Go Adventuring
by Claire Bonnell

Welcome to Paradise
by Ryan Gwaltney

Boom Box
by Harry Manning

When I Grow Up
by Emily Stone

Follow Me
by Annabelle King

Would You Like A Cup of Tea?
by Ingrid Frahm

Tea Time
by Hattie Hoskins

Dreams Can Be Real Things
by Chiara Costanzo

Haunted House
by Christine Dyer

Tune Me
by Chelsea Weber

For Lovers Only
by Kara Tomlin

by Sarah BayDush

Womens Beauty Trends
by Margaret Taylor

by Marika Rafte

by Monica Loeffler

Click for Night
by Morgan Mayer

I love Tom Hanks
by Hester Wilson

It is a tough life for a penguin
by William Snyder

My Wall
by Tracy Raetz

20 Things I've Learned
by Teresa Kuhns

Ice Cream Paint Job
by Parker Napier

The Rain
by Molly Boyce

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
by Mitchell McRee

by Melissa Connor

Eye of the Poet
by Kiley Brandt

The Heist of the Phoenix
by Kendal Cinnamon

How to cook your man a meal by Sally Homemaker
by Katy Canada

Julia's Journey
by Jessie Berman

What's Your Problem?
by Drayton Beebe

Harold the Octopus
by Carolyn Fonzi

a day with Alzheimers
by Allie Pietro

by Alex Caruso

welcome to your dream
by Adrianne Hanson

Things I am better at than Dreamweaver
by Steven Ebert

Pick a magic 8 ball!
by Stafford McIntyre

Riddle Me This
by Kaitria McGill

The Wild Scotland
by Mateo Grandados Gaitan

Am I Asking For It?
by Leigh Burgess

by Lauren Stellato

The [D]evolution of Humans and Food
by Kelsey Aikens

Be Inspired
by Victoria Howlett

by Alex Zubak

My Wall
by Sydney Hass

Secrets of a Troubled Housewife
by Elizabeth Bryer

The Daffodil
by Timothy Mullen

Let Me Take You On A Journey
by Grace Martin

by Erica Daye

The B*U*G
by Jessica Panos

ABC Adventure
by Dave Kenddall

by Ben Johnson

The Journey of Lindsay's Morning Routine
by Lindsay Plyler

The Adventures of me, Mr. Penny
by Cassandra Glass-Royal

The Journey
by Aaron Francis Colfax Petrik

Eye of the Poet
by Julie Schnabel



My Paintbrush
by Kelsey Reifler

4 Months, 6,518 Kilometers - Poem
by T. Tucker

The Machines of Lonely Mountain
by Mike Allen

A Green Circle Turned Grey
by Merissa Blitz

The Travels of Abe
by Lauren Sharp

Eye of the Poet
By Grace Krafte

Hey It's OK!
by Evan Clingan

It All Started With A Goldfish
by Chase Brannock

by Ashley Meares

A Walk In Ruby's Shoes
by Bethany O'Connell

The Dinner Party
by Ben DeLoose

Maddie Goes To College
by Chad Bradley

by Christina Reynolds

Emo Guide
by Jaystaf

by Kristi Hemric

by Leah Matthews

Matt's Trip Around the World
by Matt Brown

Chapstick's Story
by Michaela Barrett

Elon Phoenix
by Steve Plantin

Failing is Flying
By Sarah Simmons

Another Unfortunate Morning
by Kelly Bredhal

Journey With Bear
by Julia Hopkins

this may look like a simple and safe town...
by Grant Walsh

Eye of the Poet
by Blair Gwaltney

by Zachary Viana

Finding Time
by Gregory McDonnell

by Michael Patrick

Herold: King of the Vampire Bunnies
by Melissa Spencer

Ignorance or Bliss
by Evan Morris

Death of a Starlet
by Tiffany Warner

Eye of the Poet
by Allison Hatfield

The Toughest Journey
by Brian Shenkin

Enlightened Tiger's Entrance to Eternity
by Dan Lee

World of Masks
by Kathryn Williams

Enter Kiddie Q's
by Miranda Pare

The Blue Lagoon and Springfield
by Allison VanKanegan

Growing Up
by Meggie McInerney

A Pompous Prince
by Hailey Stebbins

by Heather Geiger

by Rebecca Schley

Summer Job
by Schuster

by Stevie Kloeber

For the Horde
by Ben Walsh

One Bug's Journey
by Alex Traboulsi

20 great things about being in your 20's
by Courtney Jullien

Invader Rom in: Alien Love
by Chadwick Nkang

by Devin Grasty

Taking a Ride
by Gavin Sands

Count to 10: College Style
by Joelle Dent

Is there a cure for obesity?
by Laura Sommerville

I Saw You Today
by Marguerette Awad

ReidyReid Raps Mad Good
by Michael Connor

by Phillip Charles

Hildy Goes To College
by Ryan Hildebrand


A College Life
by Russell Meredith

Kappa Sigma Journey
by Brian Stansfield

A Journey to Dye For
by Courtney M. Branch

by Graham Hasted

The Lochness of Lake Marynell
by JD Holloway

Anti-War Website
by Lindsay Jaworek

A Journey of Life and Death
by Michelle Calon

When Boy Saw Girl
by Peter Allen

Journey through Alaina's Mind
by Alaina Maggio

by Bettina Johnson

A Typical Day In The Life Of Winston
by Jennifer Summers

A Journey by Journey
by Wendy Stiles

welcome to the future: It's reEVOLUTION: NOW~~~!
by Jonathan Bartlett

by KC Thoman

The Kidnapping of Karla
by Melissa Mally

Ten Thoughts from an Unbalanced Mind
by Tim Rosner

Joey visits Australia
by Kristin Belton

Mel & Kim's Bogus Journey
by Kimberly Hayes

What Would Have Been
by Melissa Jimenez

by Jay Tea Bowen

by Jason Chick

A Father's Love
by Hannah Osborn

DrunknMick's Acrobat Superhero in "Missing"
by Patrick Griffin

Domestic Violence
by Fallon Connor

by Ethan Turner

Alannah, The Last Dragon Rider
by Taylor Hord

The Postcard
by Brynn Walsh

Blue Ridge Mountain Jam Music Inc.
by Jonathan Baker

Through the Eyes of a Killer
by Eileen Burns

our Journey to COLORADO
by Carrie Hartford

A Dog named Tag
by Heather Currie

Marvelous Margaret
by Natalie Hajtis

The Quest
by Ivy Myer

Thoughts racing through the mind...
by Rebecca Neuman

by Emily Norman

i was eleven when i died
by Rachel Drake

Prepare yourself for a journey of GRAND proportions
by Shawn Stevens

Adventures of Flora
by Lindsay Van Cleave

Journey of my road to an athletic scholarship
by Vincent Graves

by Jennifer Fulmer

Operation MacGregor
by Mario Gallucci

by Rachel Lanier

Velcro the Bumble Bee
by Laura Williams

The Beach
by Laura Wright

The Weight Room
by Hartley Hsu

Jim Bishop's Journey
by Jim Bishop

Runners Journey
by Jessica Streck

Journey of Desire
by Laura Flynn

Journey of My Friends
by Brielle Gould

What is a Friend?
by Katie Harrell

Endless Drive
by Keith Meeham

NYC Trip
by Mike Micciche

The Adventures of Clark
by Marissa Triman

Hypertext Revisited (2004-2006)

F is for Fish
by Andrew Spears

by Brian Gold

Motion City Soundtrack
by Brian Stansfield

Textual Assault
by Courtney Branch

The Hypertext
by JD Holloway

Hypertext Project
by Janelle Nutter

Hypertext Project
by Julia Tiedt

Random Thoughts
by Leslie Mumme

The Amazing Story Site
by Mike Austin

by Michelle Calon

by Sean Walker

Essential Phonetic Resource
by Tyler Davidson

Career-O-Matic 3000!!!
by Thomas Spradling

The Ultimate Hangman
by Katey Dowd

The Left Half of the US
by Katie Zeller

by KC Thoman

by jvp

by Hannah C. Osborn

The Wisdom and Diversity of Poetry
by Aaron Bishop

This Site Sucks...
by Ben Johnson

The Price is Right!
by Bettina Johnson

by Wendy Stiles

Disney Trivia
by Melissa Mally

Write It (2002-2004)

by Brielle Gould

The Online College Girl's Guide To Get Through It All
by Natalie Hatjis

My Favorite Songs
by Jim Bishop

by Abby Bash

The Story of the Chicken
by Vincent Graves

by Rachel Lanier

Mario Gallucci's Japanese Website
by Mario Gallucci

Where Are We Going To?
by Hartley Hsu

Solitare Tic Tac Toe
by Laura Wright

What Am I?
by Sean Griffith

Las Vegas
by Rachel Drake

Write It
by Mike Micciche

Wonderful World of Quotes
by Aaron Bishop

In My Head
by Jessica Streck

Join the Non-Picture Revolution
by Brandon Kessler

Old TV Trivia
by Heather Currie

Write It
by Emily Norman

My Bronco Adventure
by Jared Calhoun

The Game Website
by Jason Crowe

Kid's Party Story
by Stefani Levin

long drive
by Lindsay kinnaird

by Tyler Gordon

the beach
by Nicole Bergeron

German-English Translations
by Tom Speckman

Colors and Flowers
by Tara Blum

Why Can't I think of a good idea for this project????????????
by Brittany Scott

The Journey
by Mark Hendrix

Choose Your Own Character
by Dave Vieira

Vacation 2002
by Stacy Morin

Directed Path (2002-2005)

Nothing can...
by Leslie Mumme

Malachi's Day Out
by Katey Dowd

A Website Devoted to Courtney Branch
by Katie Zeller

by Andrew Spears

Life of an Elon Student
by Janelle Nutter

A Trip Through Wal-Mart
by Brian Gold

Diary of a Lifeguard
by Julia Tiedt

Digital Drug Deal
by Brian Stansfield

Furtive Parallels - Contemplations
by Mike Austin

Katherine and Scott Were Lovers
by Michelle Calon

by Sean Walker

by Courtney Branch

Seat Yourselves
by Tyler Davidson

by Thomas Spradling

It Was A Crazy Game Of Poker
by Melissa Mally

Laundry time with Zoe
by Jessica Panos

Case file: h-152342155458 (10/5/04) CLASSIFIED
by KC Thoman

Quick Guide to Building a PC
by Aaron Bishop

by Wendy Stiles

Hannah's Web Portfolio
by Hannah Osborn

Welcome to Surf City
by Betina Johnson

by Ben Johnson

Rachel's Famous Cookies
by Rachel Lanier

by Sean Griffith

Deep Water at Lake Macintosh
by Laura Wright

The Wonderful World of Flowers
by Jennifer Fulmer

Sweet Tooth
by Jessica Streck

Pilot Mountain Website
by Jim Bishop

The Museum of Modern Art
by Mike Micciche

by Vincent Graves

Inside My Mind
by Hartley Hsu

How to Make Cupcakes
by Natalie Hatjis

My Interactive Website
by Brielle Gould

The Body
by Rachel Drake

Pirate Party
by Mario Gallucci

Night of Babysitting
by Brittany Scott

A Photoshop Tutorial
by Nicole Bergeron

My Motor Sicle
by Jared Calhoun

Baking Cookies 101
by Stacy Morin

How To Get Gas
by Stefani Levin

by Tyler Gordon

My House
by Lindsay Kinnaird

by Tara Blum

by Tom Speckman

Time With Timmy
by Jason Crowe

Eating A Meal
by Dave Vieira

Beyond the Landscape (2001-2002)

House of The Future
by Stefani Levin

Welcome to Amanda's Wonderful World of Photographs
by Amanda Novissimo

Welcome to Your New Addiction
by Amy Trageser

by Eric Berg

Transition or Transformation?
by Nicole Bergeron

The Future Is Here!
by Blaire Galaton

Japanese Tatooing: Finished and Unfinished
by Megan Walsh

Bronco Bustin'
by Jared Calhoun

Cedar Rock
by Tom Speckman

Cedar Rock
by Tom Speckman

Digital Good Times
by Yolanda Smith

Freddie the Frizbee
by Mark Hendrix

This is My life as a Tennis Player
by Lindsey Kinnaird

by Stacy Morin

Daydream Haze
by Jason Burt

Virginia Hall Murder Mystery
by Tyler Gordon

My Maynard Girls!
by Tara Blum

Amateur Instructional Boxing
by Dave Vieira

Vision Quest
by Mike Ross

Hypertext (2000-2001)

Shoes by Jamie Hicks

Welcome to Your Virtual Reality Exercise Experience by Kiley McCaffey

My Cat Kate by Alison Lacek

"my body has feelings too..." by Lauren Hamilton

life in the newsroom by Jennifer Guarino

Zach's Fabulous Website by Zach Rudeageair

WEBART (All links below will open in a separate browser window.)

ICU - Webcam Inspired (2008-2009)

Virtual Aquarium by Marshall Sharpe

Mind Blowing Lag Adventures in Theoretical Space by Travis Butler & James Minshall

Body Mapping by Elle Fisher

Experiment 626: the Dust Bunny by Melissa Spencer

A declaration of Self Esteem by Cyntra Brown

My Photo Gallery by Tyler Anderson

Senior/Independent Projects

A Unique Perspective of Hanging Rock by Jim Bishop, 2004

Hypertext by Jim Bishop, 2004

Mario Gallucci's Cartoon QTVR Tutorial by Mario Gallucci, 2003

PAACG (People Advocating Against Children's Games) by Jesse Turkus, 2002

Familial Geometry by Jamie Hicks, 2001

FLASH WORKS (All of the links below will open in a separate browser window.)

eNarrative (2008-2009)

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I LOVE GRAPES by My Nguyen

Funhouse Faces by Marshall Sharpe

When I Grow Up by Meghan Stevens

The Little Green Box by Natalie Saragusa

Lord Piggy by Summer Thaxton

Ghost Evolution by Travis Butler

Twisted Tales by Lauren Warr


The Exquisite Corpse (2002-2003)

Pooping Elephant
by Michelle Calon

Explosion Tween
by Mike Austin

Leslie's Tweening
by Leslie Mumme

Katey's Tween
by Katey Dowd

First Flash
by Julia Tiedt

Shape Tweens
by Janelle Nutter

Shape Tween Project
by JD Holloway

Lankster's Flash
by Brian Stansfield

Intro To Animation
by Brian Gold

by Andrew Spears

Test Animation
by Peter Allen

Weird Isn't It?
by Sean Walker

Flash Project
by Tyler Davidson

The Purple Duck
by Thomas Spradling

Tweens by Wendy Stiles

Project 3 by Melissa Mally

KC's Tween by KC Thoman

Corpse by Jessica Panos

Flash/Tween by Jim Bishop

Animals by Hannah Osborn
Frog to Apple by Hannah Osborn
Hummingbird to Rose by Hannah Osborn

Exquisite Corpse
by Bettina Johnson

My absolutely splendiferously exquisite corpse by Aaron Bishop

Natalie's First Flash Project by Natalie Hatjis

Flash Project by Sean Griffith

Animation by Rachel Lanier

Trial by Rachel Drake

Ant by Mike Micciche
Crab by Mike Micciche

Bug-Bamboo by Mario Gallucci
Cactus-Snail by Mario Gallucci
Gorrilla-Ivy by Mario Gallucci
Olena-Crab by Mario Gallucci

Flower to Houseplant by Laura Wright
Penguin to Hippo by Laura Wright
Starfish to Snail by Laura Wright
Tree to Hibiscus by Laura Wright

Project 2 by Jessica Streck
Project 3 by Jessica Streck

JMB Flash by Jim Bishop

Flashpro by Heather Currie

Bunny to Pineapple by Emily Norman
Flower to Snail by Emily Norman
Palm to Crab by Emily Norman
Trap to Frog by Emily Norman

Snail by Jennifer Fulmer

Final Animation by Brielle Gould

Project 1 by Abby Bash
Project 2 by Abby Bash

Corpse by Aaron Bishop

Animation by Brandon Kessler

Animation by Dave Vieria

Project 1 by Lindsay Kinnaird
Project 2 by Lindsay Kinnaird

Project 1 by Jared Calhoun
Project 2 by Jared Calhoun

Animation by Stefani Levin

Project 1 by Stacy Morin
Project 2 by Stacy Morin
Project 3 by Stacy Morin

Animation by Tara Blum

Animation by Tyler Gordon

Choose Your Own Adventure (2002-2005)

by Katey Dowd and Andrew Spears

Choose Your Own Crappy Adventure
by Michelle Calon and Brian Stansfield

by Brian Gold

The Girl That Dreamt of Gadgets
by Leslie Mumme

Jimmy Jonse
by Mike Austin

Learning Basic English
by Janelle Nutter and Julia Tiedt

Rock Show
by Peter Allen

Green Ball of Fun
by Sean Walker

The Factory
by Tyler Davidson

First Date...
by Thomas Spradling

Samurai Kid by Aaron Bishop

African Safari by Bettina Johnson

Metal Man by Ben Johnson

So I Lie Awake by Hannah Osborn

Motel by Jessica Panos

Escape Velocity by KC Thoman

Mice are Friends by Melissa Mally

Sneaking Out by Wendy Stiles


Cat and Mouse by Mario Gallucci

Bare Beautys by Jessica Streck

What's Your Flavor? by Abby Bash and Brielle Gould

Koolaid by Vincent Graves

Love Connection by Emily Norman

Music by Brandon Kessler

That Elon Show by Jennifer Fulmer

Jim Bishop's House Through His Eyes by Jim Bishop

Beaverman by Hartley Hsu

Gone Fishin' by Rachel Lanier

Lucid Dreams by Mike Micciche

Fight by Aaron Bishop and Sean Griffith

Welcome to Alphabet Fun! by Tara Blum

Farm by Nicole Bergeron

New York by Natalie Hatjis

Freaky Flash by Dave Vieira and Jared Calhoun

Artist's Map by Tyler Gordon

The Lost Letter by Stefani Levin and Stacy Morin

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