About the artist...

Jennifer Guarino is a sophomore journalism major and art minor at Elon University in Elon, NC. She is the managing editor of The Pendulum.

About The Pendulum...

The Pendulum is the student newspaper at Elon University. The paper is published weekly and 2,200 copies are distributed on Thursday mornings. The staff uses Adobe Page Maker to layout the paper. Adobe Photoshop is used to edit the photographs. The editorial staff is composed of 10 editors.

About the construction...

The Web site was made with Dreamweaver software. Pictures were taken with both digital and 35 mm cameras. Pictures taken with the 35 mm camera were scanned using a flatbed scanner. Photographs were edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Thank you...

... to Kristin Guarino and Adam Waterson for contributing photographs for this project.

... to The Pendulum staff for sharing ideas, text and the inspiration for this project.


About the project...

When given the assignment to put together an artistic Web site about an experience, I immediately wanted to incorporate The Pendulum into the project. For those involved, working at the paper has been an extremely rewarding experience this semester.

Our staff began working together in January and in four months, transformed the paper. Our staff motto hangs on the wall in the office. It reads "If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten." This semester has been about change. Because the entire staff was new, minus one member, we wanted to define our own boundaries. We weren't afraid to try things a little differently. After a semester of working together, we have become a cohesive team. And part of our ability to work well together is because of our respect for each other.

As we saw the level of commitment and caring, our respect for one another grew and allowed us to be friends. From a staff retreat and game of hide-and-go-seek to Easter egg fights and sharing meals together, we took many breaks from putting together the paper.

Looking at this project, I think I created this site to record the semester our staff shared. We started as individuals and finished as friends.

"Coming together is a beginning,

Working together is progress,

Staying together is a success."

- Henry Ford.