Thursday 8:00 p.m.

Thursday nights are always fun. We revel in our success, tell each other what a great job we're doing, and then we get down to business!

Thursday nights are for planning: we look at what we've done good, what we've screwed up, and what to learn from it all for next week's paper.

We hear reports from our section editors on what stories they'll be covering and who will be writing them. We go over logistics, and even brain storm (sometimes even gossip) a little bit.

- Taresa LaRock


Once papers are delivered, I am ready for a break but Thursday evening meetings come much too quickly. It's nonstop at a newspaper. But the continual natural of a newspaper allows for constant improvement

We have a quote on the wall in the office that says, "Our job is to make tomorrow's newspaper better than today's. Daily discontent with the product has built every great newspaper."

We take this message seriously. Each week the paper gets better because we know it is never perfect.

-Jennifer Guarino