In order to do this tutorial, you must first have some basic knowledge of VR Worx 2.0

With that being said, lets begin.


1) Start by making a regular panorama. When you get to the "Blend" tab, blend as normal, but before you go on to any other tabs, go up to the menu bar, and scroll down from file to: "Export".

2) Export your picture as jpeg, highest quality possible. This saves all your pictures as one long strip which we can then alter on Photoshop.

3) Open your newly saved picture. it should look something like this:

4) Now we get to the fun stuff. You may alter the jpeg any way you wish. As long as the dimension ratio stays the same, you will be able to import it back into VR Worx 2.0 and make it into a QTVR. For our purposes, we will be transforming it into something akin to Japanese animation.

5) Begin by cranking down the opacity to about 30%, and create a new layer. Set this layer to "Multiply" and be sure it is above your imported layer.

6) Now grab a small brush size and outline everything in the picture. Don't worry about being too precise on the straight lines, if they're a little wobbly, it will just add a nice feeling of motion to the picture.

Without the background layer:

7) You can see that my lines aren't all straight. I also had some friends stand in where I wanted to put my comic characters. It shouldn't matter if they don't look like the character you want to draw. As long as they are relatively the same size, and have the same basic gesture, you'll be fine. Really they're only there for you to get a good idea of proportion and perspective. You can see in the above picture I just drew different bodies and faces right over the real people in the picture. We'll remedy this in a moment.

8) Now there is a nifty little filter in Photoshop 7.0 that I really like called cutout. Normally, I try to stay away from things that look too much like a Photoshop filter, but with the addition of a few little extras some really look quite nice. Hide the layer with all your lines and go up the menu bar under "Filters" to "Artistic" to "Cutout". Play around a little bit with it until you're satisfied. We're basically using this to block in color in the background, so not too much detail.. not too little. Mine looks something like this:

9) Now make the line layer visible and see how it looks. As long as the layer property is set to "Multiply" it should look something like this:

10) Since the colors on the people don't match the form I've drawn, I'm going to create a layer between my Line Layer and Cutout Layer. We'll call this the Whiteout Layer. Just grab a brush and block out the characters with white. This is also a good time to clean up the edges around the outline of your characters if some of the cutout color is drastically going over the line. I like to use the clone tool for that. Now your image should look something like this:

11) Now it is just a matter of making another layer (this one between the Line Layer and the Whiteout Layer), and coloring in your characters. Like this:

12) Now you're ready to put it back into VR Worx 2.0! Save your file as a jpeg, quit out of Photoshop, and open VR Works 2.0.