An Island From the Sea

Alfred de Grazia


Have you watched

an island from the sea,

a dark, a bumpy eminence

done in seal-brown sands,with mummied stone or clay,

a steep cliff standing; often

sheep are grazing peacefully there?

The dolphins of your dreams

swim upon its waters

and conceive of hightailing mermaids with trailing

streams of hair, incite

the fire dragons from

the caves, and shake the

galleys off the deep rocks.

A liverish hue stains the

innocent blue water that

washes against the

blood-cake of history

wrecks and launchings,

welcomes and farewells,

in frames of time and shape, sounds and stills.

The boudless sea is

rent agape by the

prowess of this lone agent

of the problems of God;


man was born and he

could be.

A sash of fog will honor

it and glint of metal from

the sun.