The Story of My Friends...


Friends are very important in my life. They consume much of my thoughts throughout the day. They surround me constantly whether in presence or spirit. Building friendships is a key to my happiness.


This is Stephanie and me at our summer camp banquet. We have shared several "girl" nights with some other friends talking in the kitchen and eating lots of junk food.





After rigorous days at camp and a good Bible Study, we liked to get away from it all and satisfy our hunger at O'Charley's. Becky and Julie are two of the girls I worked with this past summer.







Every summer, the counselors who work at Finley Day Camp at the YMCA take a day and travel to Busch Gardens from some fun and relaxation. Suzanne and Phillip are all smiles when we first get there!
This is my roommate, Lana, and I before our Winter Semi-Formal. She is soon going to be a graduate student in Elon's Physical Therapy program.






Friendships develop all over the place and in the course of my time in North Carolina I have made some lasting friendships in Raleigh and Elon. I have also formed many relationships with the people I work with and these bonds are very special.