The Story of Mike...


Since the summer of 2001, Mike and I have been inseperable. Thinking about him is an ongoing part of my day and he is always on my mind. He has been an incredible blessing to me.




We have worked together at the YMCA since we were 16 and were friends from the start. We hung out some like all the other counselors yet we never saw a relationship coming. Then last year I had the opportunity to work with Mike and the high school kids. It all came together and now we are here having the time of our lives.
Some of the things we enjoy doing are mountain biking, playing football, working with children, playing volleyball, and imitating voices of different movie characters such as "Sid the Sloth" in Ice Age.










Our theme verse from the summers when working with kids got a little stressful:


"Do everything without complaining or arguing."


- Philippians 2:14