The Story of My Education...



Even though I am at school all the time, it only makes up a small part of my thoughts. To me, there are other things that are more important, yet school is always lingering in the back of my mind.


I am an art major at Elon University and spend most of my time in one building. These photos are from ceramics class...what an experience!



My friends and I have a lot of fun being at school...when it snows (which is rarely) we revisit our childhood and play in the snow.



Here are some landscape pictures of school. Our lake and student center where we hang out.



Being an art major is a lot of fun. I have had the chance to play with different materials and ideas of expression. I am not certain of what I want to do with my art, but I have thought about incorporating my art with working with children.


"Art is an expression of who I am; it is a connection between my mind and my hands."