I. Nothing here in the contents of this webiste is factual or in any way reference to persons who actually bear one of the random names I have selected for the characters of this play. Any reference and subsequent slander thereof is purely accidental and I am personally sorry for any hard feeling as a result of such an accident.
   II. No one actually died! This site is purely fictional and created in my own mind to fulfill the requirements of a project assigned in class. No one died!!
   III. Any and all art and pictures that this site contain are created by me and I would appreciate it if no one stole any of it. If you just must, email me and ask for permission. I'll most likely say yes. Also, these faces actually belong to people I know and that were nice enough to offer them to me for this site, so please don't take them either. Thank you.

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   Name: Tyler Gordon
   Occupation: Student at Elon University
   Webiste: Tygor Den
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