Every good Detective has their equipment. Their favorite hat, their trench coat, their trusty timepiece, but the most important of all, their Pocket Notebook. Every Detective needs a notebook to jot things down in, make notes, and doodle while the boring suspect is droning on. It's a must have tool.

Instructions for the Pop-up Notebook:

   Throughout this investigation, you will find out information--information crucial to this case. In your notebook mark it down.

  • When a suspect give you an alibi, mark that person/weapon/room off in the list under the persons image that you interrogated. (mark who told you and what they told you).
  • When you have marked all but one, then you know the murderer/weapon/location of the murder. (process of elimination).
  • DO NOT CLOSE the Pop-up Notebook window. If you do, you will lose all your notes.
  This process may be long and drawn out, but the murderer cannot go unpunished. Good luck!

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Pop-up Notebook

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