Amy Rudnicki


1) Birthday? June 27, 1982

2) Where are you from? Layton, Utah

3) What's your major? Communicative Disorders

4) What are your interests? Reading, music and of course hanging out with my girls!

5) The perfect escape for you is...mmmm beach....

6) When your pissed what do you do? Tell someone, sometimes its who I am pissed at sometimes its not.

7) Nicknames? Amylou, " AimALou", Mamie, Ames

8) Fav. actor/actress? don't really have one

9) Last move you saw (in either the movies or rented)? Ice Age, which wasn't as good as I hoped it would be :<

10) Fav. movie? sigh too many to choose from

11) Fav. clothing store? maybe Old Navy

12) How long are you in the shower? 10 min. max

13) Worst fear? toss up between guns and drowning ;>

14) Fav. food? ....?...junk food

15) Best feeling in the world? laughing until it hurts

16) Fav. suite memory? um...which one? There are so many! First meetings with everyone, Fall break at Kacey's, belly wars, self CPR, white/Khaki, singing with the girls, birthdays, Carousel festival, adventures with Kacey, Wal-mart trips even at 12 pm, ER time, buying a fish and another fish and another fish and another fish ;> I think I have a new favorite every day!

17) Spice girls or Maynard hotties? Maynard hotties!

18) Do you like tofu? If so, in what? well, not that I've tried it...;> but no

19) If you could meet anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be? um maybe Chandler Bing and introduce him to Shan :>

20) What is the most spontaneous moment you have had? Hmm well going to Winston-Salem was spontaneous....


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