Our tradition in the suite is to wear these silver hologram birthday hats and then the birthday girl gets to wear the tiara. Once the birthday girl unwraps all her presents we take group pictures. These birthday celebrations are the best...we have alot of fun memories from them! : )



Shannon and her gifts on her 19th birthday
Shannon's group picture!




Margs and all her presents on her belated suite celebration of her b-day
Pita's group picture : )




Kacey and her double/triple chocolate cake that Cara's
mom made for her
Margs and I got Kacey a hair straighter so she could straighten her hair
aaalllllll the time!




Jenna and all her gifts....yes, she got a popsicle (AKA- "Popthickle") container!
Jenna and her cookie cake on her 20th birthday




Mary's group picture
Mary out drinking in public for the first time...Happy 21st Mary!




Cara with the present that I gave her. : )
Cara's fun group birthday picture...Yeah! Cara is wearing a Tiara!!! Look!



Me with the birthday candle
Here's my group picture! YEAH! : )


The girls surprised me with balloons, a cake, decorations all over the room, and then they colored and wrote silly sayings on plates and scattered them all throughout the room. I was so surprised! Thanks girls, I loved it girls! : )

PS--Note the snow behind me! HE HE HE...yes, it does snow in North Carolina! : )