Candid pics!


Margs, Amy Lou, and Me fighting with the branch that was in the way of the original picture! Grrrrrrrr


Pita and I being silly on the "Elon College" at the end of freshman year


Pita and I being silly by trying to be sexy ; )
Pita dancing at my desk freshman year!
Me taking a break from studying...Margs and I were dancing around her room winter term 2001 in silly outfits, I was the only one caught on film!


Pita and Kacey playing around on Kacey's birthday
2001...silly girls!

"Hmmmhhh" "Mer mer mer"


My candy corn teeth Halloween 2001
Candy corn Jenna Halloween 2000


Margs, Kacey, and I all wore red vests one day and we didn't know each other had one on until lunch time! HA HA HA


Mary with her beauty mask on
Me trying to be Southern with Pita's cowboy hat
Amy the doctor on Halloween 2000


Me being Madonna on someone's birthday last year