Jenna Mintern


1) Birthday? January 27th 1982

2) Where are you from? Appleton, Wisconsin but I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and then lived in Chicago, Illinois

3) What's your major? English with professional writing concentration

4) What are your interests? Reading, travel, scouts, walking my dog dakota, friends

5) The perfect escape for you is...going on a vacation filled with museums, long hikes with my dog, a couple of libraries and/or bookstores

6) When your pissed what do you do? go to my room and get away from people

7) Nicknames? Jenna, ditto, sqigget (if you repeat the last one i may come after you tara blum- i know where you sleep grrr!)

8) Fav. actor/actress? dont have one

9) Last move you saw (in either the movies or rented)? last movie i saw was a far off place (tape) and Ocean's 11 (theater)

10) Fav. movie? practical magic- for the moment, soon i will pick a new one for a week

11) Fav. clothing store? kohl's, gap, old navy... whatever store i am in

12) How long are you in the shower? depends: 20 minutes to 5 minutes

13) Worst fear? no one likes me

14) Fav. food? strawberry shortcake, fetticine alfreado, ceaser salad...

15) Best feeling in the world? contentment, sleepiness

16) Fav. suite memory? water gun fights

17) Spice girls or Maynard hotties? huh?!?! maynard hotties? not sure what you are asking here?

18) Do you like tofu? If so, in what? yes, shakes, pasta, salads

19) If you could meet anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be? Confucius, as long as i had a translator

20) What is the most spontaneous moment you have had? playing in a playground in the rain while wearing a long dressy skirt



**Note that Jenna is an English major but yet she didn't capitalize that many things, didn't punctuate, and I had to fix spelling in some places...the English department must have gotten to her head! ; }



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