Katie Evans


1) Birthday? August 1 1982

2) Where are you from? Nags Head, (Outer Banks) NC

3) What's your major? International Studies

4) What are your interests? rugby, football, writing, reading, surf, music!

5) The perfect escape for you is... a conversation with one of my friends aka therapy

6) When your pissed what do you do? why do you think I play rugby?

7) Nicknames? Risk, Jackass

8) Fav. actor/actress? Stockard Channing & Angelina Jolie

9) Last move you saw (in either the movies or rented)? Life or Something Like It

10) Fav. movie? Gia is up there, but Im not sure if I could decide!

11) Fav. clothing store? Pac Sun and Hot Topic

12) How long are you in the shower? max 10 minutes

13) Worst fear? not experiencing life!

14) Fav. food? I don't discriminate

15) Best feeling in the world? "The greatest thing you can ever learn is to love and be loved in return"

16) Fav. suite memory? dinner at Cracker Barrel :)

17) Spice girls or Maynard hotties? no contest, my Maynard ladies!

18) Do you like tofu? If so, in what? HEEELL NO! (That was for you Tara!)

19) If you could meet anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be? Angelina Jolie or my grandfather

20) What is the most spontaneous moment you have had? Drove to Florida with two of my best friends on my 18th birthday with 5 hours notice!



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