Mary Brozina


1) Birthday? November 13th (1980)

2) Where are you from? Millville, NJ

3) What's your major? vocal performance with a minor in jazz studies

4) What are your interests? music, dance, movies

5) The perfect escape for you is...trips to NYC

6) When your pissed what do you do? find friends to hang out with to take my mind off of it.

7) Nicknames? Mary sunshine, and a few from brad ;)

8) Fav. actor/actress? I don't really have one

9) Last move you saw (in either the movies or rented)? Jason X

10) Fav. movie? Disney's Alice in wonderland

11) Fav. clothing store? Banana Republic

12) How long are you in the shower? usually about 10 minutes

13) Worst fear? a tie between spiders and needles

14) Fav. food? mozzarella sticks

15) Best feeling in the world? being loved as much in return

16) Fav. suite memory? Tara "slip and slide"ing on the rug one night

17) Spice girls or Maynard hotties? Maynard hotties, I think. I dont really understand the question

18) Do you like tofu? If so, in what? I love tofu any way! My favorite tofu memory was one Thanksgiving my dad smashed some tofu and took a turkey cookie cutter to it, so I had a tofu turkey for dinner

19) If you could meet anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be? Sarah Vaughan. She is my biggest idol of all time

20) What is the most spontaneous moment you have had? ooo, I could get in trouble for this one ;) lets just say there have been a few!



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