Out on the town!

Mary had a recital and Margs, Kacey, and Amy went to see her and cheer her on. They also
got her flowers! : ) Mary was very excited and happy to see them.



We all got dressed to go out on the town. Look at those hotties!



Margs, Emsley, and Kacey at the football game sophomore year



We had a suite outing at Lake Mackintosh. We took the paddle boats out on the lake and
geared up with bright orange (and red-KACEY) life jackets!



Kacey, Shannon, and Jenna in one boat
Pita, Me, and Amy on the cooler boat! ; )



Jenna and Kacey (before Shannon joined us)-
-"Look guys...no hands!"
Shannon and I the day before at the lake



Me, Shannon, and Margs ready for a night at the frats



Margs came to visit me in the Nati and she toured all the fun sites. This is me and Pita
being silly with the knight of shining armor at Loveland Castle.



We celebrated Kacey's birthday at IHOP! : )



Amy, Kacey, and Pita going to the light house!



Margs and I on spring break freshman year in Fort Lauderdale
We went to University of Florida to visit one of her
best friends and we went to a costume frat party.
We had to wear something that had to do with
the jungle so we made our outfits from fur!



Some of us went to the carousel festival and here is our pic...yes, that is me laying in the middle! : - )



Margs gave me a make over one night freshman year and then we
went out partying
Margs and I ready for another night out freshman year



Cracker Barrel outing for our Thanksgiving dinner together



Amy's first time playing checkers...Pita taught her how at Cracker Barrel.



We went to Subway to celebrate Pita's 20th birthday!