Silly Times and Games!


Margs and I decided to sing and be merry
with the flowers one day

Jenna chased me into the suite trying to tickle
me, she fell down, and then Shannon's poster
went down with her! ; )

Kacey and Pita being sexy while
pretending they clubin'


Freshman year Amy, Kacey, and I (and my penguin hat) did the common
saying, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"



Amy helped Kacey straighten her hair. It's a new and fun look! YEAH!



YMCA (Me, Amy, Cara, and Jenna)



Jenna and Amy kissing the camera! XOXOXOXOXO
Kacey and Amy kissing the camera! Hot girls!



Cara, Margs, and Kacey do a "pile on" on Kacey's bed



Margs and I and our silly hats freshman year
Pita and I times! : )
Me laughing one night in the bathroom



Cara and Kacey laughing and playing around on Kacey's bed



Katie, Amy Lou, and Kacey on a tractor
at the local festival
Shannon and I wondering about these baby curls of
mine...where are they all coming from?!?!?
Margs showing us how to
pretend ski


Amy and Kacey decorating Christmas ornaments with paint pens for
our suite Christmas tree

Christmas Myrtle (I painted Myrtle for
the suite wall and we put a Santa hat
on him for Christmas)


Kacey was my secret Santa sophomore year and she got
me a HUGE silver star! I love it! She did such a great job! : )
Jenna and Katie, the roomies, with their cute new jammies on



Margs picked me up and we took this silly picture with wrapping and
ribbons all over us!
I was Amy Lou's secret Santa and I got her...well, you
know....ummm....never mind! 0 : )



Jenna, Amy, Kacey, and Margs walking on campus and posing as "happy Elon students." They weren't too
thrilled when I asked them to do it for me but once they saw the picture, they loved it! He he he



Jenna and I had a water gun fight one night and we chased each other around Maynard. We each had a gun in
each hand and I think we filled them up atleast five times! I ended up getting a blister on my finger...that
shows you how serious we were! : ) Fun times! JENNA--the water fight is NOT over! Grrrrrrrr