Visitors who come on a regular basis...



Dave has came by in several different ways over the last two years: motorcycle 1, motorcycle 2 ("the biggest, badest, loudest bike in Elon"), a bike, and now by foot! We love Dave! We also love Dave's multiple hair colors! ; ) Our suite was Dave's art locker! He he he


Dave with brown hair
Dave with blue hair
Margs and Dave (with blond hair)



The Squirrel who bit through mine and Pita's screen of our window!




Nicole! The silly Jersey girl who lives upstairs from us.

Nicole and I
Nicole before a dance




The Boys! We have been friends with most of the boys for both years! : ) We love you guys!!

Dan, Dan, and Aaron
Colin, Gill, Pat, Randy, (Margs), Matt, Matthew, and Steve-O




Emsley! YEAH EMSLEY...The nicest southern guy! You are loved Emsley! : )



The bird who flew into Kacey's room and scared the crap out of her!



Brad comes to see Mary almost everyday! Aren't they cute?!?! : )



Neal has the best jokes and knows how to make us all laugh. Neal is also Pita's "slave" (this is a joke)...he gives her massages.

Neal with a king hat on at his house
Neal dancing up a storm!





Others who we love but aren't pictured are:


-Tallulah has helped us out for the past two years by taking care of our dirty messes and giving me advice on what shoes go with my current outfit. Thanks! : ) You are the best! We really appreciate your help!

-Bobby is the silliest kid around! : )

-Matt (Cara's freshman boyfriend who lives right here in Burlington!) : )