Hello there, and welcome. The page that you are about to view should deserves somewhat of an introduction. My name is Heather Currie, and for 11 years I have had a dog named Tag. Before that, I had a dog named Tiffany. And although it may sound odd, for as long as I can remember, my dogs have talked to me. This originally started because of my mother, and yes, weird though she is, I am quite sure that her amazingly creative mind in some way actually COULD hear what my dogs have been saying (or thinking) for as long as they've been a part of our family. Ok, go ahead and laugh, I know it's strange. However, living with a pet who is constantly another voice in your life eventually becomes normal, and now I am quite sure that I can understand what my dog is saying as well. Just like a person, Tag has her own way of speaking, and her opinions are frequently interrupting my own, whether she is around or not. So I have started to write down her story, seeing as the concept of a talking dog really isn't something everybody may consider everyday. I have at times, considered becoming a children's author, and I think that this story is a good way to start. Read the story as you wish, I think that it can be looked at as a lot of things; a children's book, a documentary, or just a funny fantasy. But keep in mind, people are said to only use about 10% of their brain power throughout their lives. I like to think that maybe my mom and I (and maybe some of you readers) use a little more then that and therefore we have the ability to hear what our dog has to say.

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