You are knowin' mine girl, but you are not knowin' the rest of mine family. Mine girl and I, we are best friends but she is leavin' me a lot and goin' to that North Carolina place. When she is gone I am just livin with mine mom and mine dad and mine small girl. Mine mom is the one who came to get me from a Brunswick farm when I eight weeks old. She was pickin' me and not one of my fat piggy sisters. Mostly mine mom is not mine favorite but when she takes me to the vet I sit very close to her and am wanting to be loved by her. Mine dad was not loving me at all when I was first coming to live with him, because he loved his other dog, Tiffany so much. But now he loves me and is taking me on walks and rubbing my belly. Mine small girl is mostly just tellin' me to stop talkin' so much all the time and she gets mad when I take her pig slippers.

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