You are needin' to know about mine Rascha if you are knowin' me. Rascha is what we are callin' Tiffany, the first dog that mine family was ever having. She was even older than mine girl and she was an angel dog. Mine dad was lovin' her so much. Mine family started to call her Rascha when they saw the movie Aladdin, because they thought she was like the beautiful, kind tiger, and they thought I was like Abu, the bad little monkey. When I first came to live with mine family Rascha was mad, because she was their only dog for 13 years. Soon though me and Rascha were friends and loved each other, and I helped her when she was old and couldn't get up the steps. Rascha wentin' to heaven when she was 17 and mine was 4. We are all missing her, she is an angel dog watchin' us now.


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