You might also be interested to know that I am a very brave dog. There are only 2 things that I am really scared of and that is the vacuum cleaner and toilets. Otherwise I very protective and a good guard dog. Once, I killed a bee that was tryin to attack mine girl. And when mine girl was having her wisdom teeth pulled I laid by her bed for 2 days and would stand up when anybody was coming in to see her. Also, I used to jumpin from the bay window seat across the living room to mine chair. Once though I fell and bumped my head and was bleeding so I not doin that anymore. I also am very brave about squirrels. They are in mine yard and they are watching me all the time from their trees, armies of them. They are wearing helmets and throw acorns at me. When I get outside and one is on the ground, unsuspecting, I try to kill it and catch it by its tail. I also very brave about protecting my mom from rodents because she is hating them. Once I caught one for her and brought it and she was so proud she slammed the door in mine face and screamed.

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