Title Camportrait

Hi there. For those of you who don’t know me...um, which is probably the majority of you hahaha..*clears throat* my name is Cam Preston. I was born on the summer season on July 22nd. Apparently it was really hot that day. I’m the 3rd son of the Preston family. My older brothers of 4 years, Blane and Cedrick, are identical twins. They’re pretty much inseparable and love to play tricks on us and….pretty much everyone in the village really. While they may be pranksters, they’re still reliable and caring and I love them both dearly. I also have a younger sister of 3 years, and her name is Poppy. She’s a curious one, that she is, and not afraid to speak her mind. Out of all of my siblings, I’m really close to Poppy. Since I can be a coward at times, Poppy is there to give me the extra boost of encouragement. Although, like an older brother, I am very protective of her, especially since she’s a lady, but I know she can take care of her own battles. And then there’s my wonderful parents. Both of them are open-minded and free spirited at heart, but Mother can be a bit strict at times….especially if Blane and Cedrick does a prank on someone (unless that person deserves it, then she pays no mind to it), or if the house is a mess, and such….well...things that mothers usually get pretty mad about. Aside from that, Mother loves us dearly and would fight tooth and nail for her family. That’s probably where Poppy gets it from. The only downside...well...is that she can’t cook...like at all. It’s hilarious actually, so everyone else pretty much had to learn in order to survive. Father is...I guess like me...at least I’ve been told that. He’s awkward, a bookworm, imaginative, wise, and doesn’t care for money or social status. As long as he has his family, Father will always be happy.

Ah..well..I sort of went on and on about my family...hahaha..sorry about that. I mean they are really important to me and so is my hometown. My hometown is Poppyville, a very small village in the countryside on Britain and it’s known for…..hahahahaha…..well you guessed it, it’s wild poppies. There’s a huge beautiful field of red poppies a few yards away from my home. When I was a boy I would always go there and just lie down and be engulfed by the poppies. I can always relax there, but I miss it so much. When I was 10 years old a letter came for Father, apparently our Great-Grandfather had recently passed away and he inherited an Estate by Northampton along with a whole bunch of money and savings. Apparently Father was 2nd in line to succeed it with his father, our grandfather being the first, but Grandfather left his family since he couldn’t stand the politics and life of the aristocrats and moved to Poppyville where he fell in love with Grandmother. Our parents talked it over with us to decide if we should move. None of us cared about the money or the Estate...we were happy here in Poppyville. The only thing that did interest us...well Blane, Cedrick, Poppy and Father...was the adventure that would follow. Mother and I didn’t want to move out, but seeing how excited everyone else was about moving to a new place….we couldn’t say no. So we moved to the Estate by Northampton.

Though the years that followed, we hired maids, stable boys, and servants since the Estate was so huge. The whole family had to learn how to be a proper gentleman and lady...which to be honest is rather difficult and boorish...no wonder Grandfather left it behind. We held parties and dinners for other important people. Our favorite part was reading to the townspeople and helping the people living close by...at least during those times we felt like we were back at Poppyville. Even though we’ve been through a lot of change...no one really changed. Blane and Cedrick continue to pull pranks on everyone they meet, especially the servants (I’m surprised none of them quit, but I guess they started having fun and played a few pranks on them too, which didn’t bother Mother). Poppy didn’t like being a lady, she felt stuffy and hated how the other ladies can be two-faced and insincere, but she’s close to one lady and has been since we moved in here...a childhood friend of ours….and the beginning of a long journey ahead…

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