Gosh I am going to miss this place so much. Yesterday was my day off and it was so great. A grooup of us went out on Pete's boat.

It was so much fun. We went tubing and watersking. The water temperature has finally warmed up enough that you can get in without freezing to death. I went watersking, and I got up a few times but the water was so choppy it was really difficult to keep yourself upright in the water.

We took the boat to this cliff that was about 35 feet high and a few people went cliff jumping. I did not go because I was a little concerned about the water level since the lake had dropped so much from the drought.

One of the girls went into the water sideways and bruised up her leg pretty badly, but she was ok. Then that night once we had all gotten back we got dressed up and went and ate dinner in the lodge. It was my first time eating in the restaurant and it felt so weird because I am so used to being back in the kicthen and not being allowed to go in the restaurant. But we stayed forever and talked and ate alot. it was a great chance for me to bond with some people that I had not gotten to spend a great deal of time with.

Then the next day I went to Brekenridge with the girls and it was awesome. It is a very cool place. The thing was it was one of those places that was fun to visit but I don't know if I would want a place there because there were so many tourist. And this was in the middle of summer, I can't imagine what it's like there in the middle of winter.

But I have to say that I am going to have to go back to Colorado during the winter at some point in my life, because I can't imagine how much the beauty must be amplified when every inch of the mountainside of covered in snow. Hopefully I will make it back soon...