How To Enjoy Your Ghetto College Surroundings


When I was a Sophomore in College we had the most Ghetto apartment in the world. We actually even had a list of everything that was Ghetto about it.

1. Our hairdryer broke so it would only work when it wanted to. We would have to permanently leave it on, and whenever it decided to work, we would have to run and blow dry our hair.

2. We adopted a ghetto cat from a trailer park. We couldn't afford the cat to be spayed to it was constantly horny. It was also very wild, and we would come home to it hanging from tapestries in our apartment, by its claws.

3. The vacuum cleaner broke in half, and instead of getting a new one we simply taped the old one back together with masking take. To work the vacuum we had to hold both piece together while vacuuming.

4. We had a vegetable drawer that went bad, and nobody ever fessed up to who's vegetables they were, so they never got cleaned up!

5. Our bathroom broke every day!

How to Survive.....Keep a sense of humor about it all. Laughter is the best medicine to all problems. When you start to really miss home, go somewhere that feels more homey or just take off and actually go home! Try and talk to your landlord about things they can fix. Don't be afraid to buy new electronic products that actually work. Get animals when they are able to be taken care of. Don't be afraid to have a cleaning person come by every once in a while. Also, keep in mind that this living situation is not permanent, and things can only get better with time!


This will keep you from Losing your mind and Help You Make It Through It All!!!