10 Great Excuses to Get Out of Class

Ever needed a day off??? Its ok, really!!! We all do! So take it, its not the end of the world. Here are the ways to do it!

1. "The computer people had to come to my house to fix my computer that broke on me again. Throw in a sigh and roll the eyes to show your annoyance. Then say, well they were late, and they took hours to fix everything, so I had to stick around because, well it took me like two weeks to get them here in the first place. (Remember to be creative in your excuses, but not too creative. They'll think you are lying if you avoid their eyes or are staring at them to see if they really believe you, so be careful!)

2. My Car broke down, and I spent the last two hours getting it towed and finding a ride back to School. I should just get a bike!

3. My dog was sick and needed to be taken to the vet.

4. I had a migraine and couldnt make it to class or the infirmary.

5. I have a job interview. You understand right?

6. My parents came to town to visit me and I had to pick them up at the airport!

7. My roommate was having really bad boyfriend troubles, and I spent all night making her feel better.

8. My alarm just didn't go off! I am so sorry!

9. Practice for a upcoming Band debute, or Concert.

10. I have Pink Eye!


Just Some Ways to Get Through It All!!!

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