How to Get Him to Notice You!!!!

Every girl has some tricks up her sleeve to get that special someone to notice you. You know the person you think about when you are getting dressed to actually go out. The excitement that he actually likes you and what could happen in that night could just be amazing! Well here are some tips I have picked up along the way.

Have an "Eat Your Heart Out Night." One of my friends has described this process to me in detail. That's right, to make that boy practically keel over when you are around him. First of all, look your best. Its always ok to overdress a little bit, I mean, don't go in a formal dress to a keg party, but wear something that you wouldn't usually wear. Maybe something in your favorite color that brings out your eyes or an outfit that is a bit more revealing than you will ever get used to. Next, wear some make-up to bring out the best features on your face. Its ok to wear make-up, and its ok to like the way you look when its on. Just remember that it will probably rub off, so you should feel comfortable with the way you look without all the accessories. When you actually get out. Hang out with your girlfriends. While guys love a girl that is basically one of the guys, they pretty much only want to date a girl who is ONE OF THE GIRLS! So let him notice you first. Don't scan the crowd looking for him. Let him find you and talk to you first. Then when he finally does come up to you, be excited to see him, flash him one of you biggest smiles and give him a hug. You warmth and beauty will startle him and make him comfortable with you at the same time. Finally, you can drink and have the time of your life, but when it gets sloppy, IT GETS UGLY! Nobody likes a person when they are a walking zombie or the throw-up queen. Just some food for thought to Make It Through It All!!!

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