5 Ways to Avoid Your Friends Drama!!!

1. RUN!!!!!!!! Chances are its not even that big of a deal, your friend is just overreacting. Sometimes it helps you to just stay away until the worse has passed, then claim innocence by saying you had no idea!!!

2. Stay Out o Of It!!! As much as you love your friends, situations can get pretty ugly, so whenever they try and drag you in, you just simply say I love you and I always have you back, but I am either not getting involved or this really isn't my business or my place to really say anything.

3. Try and make your friend feel better, but when things are getting ugly, (like screaming fights, or huge bitching sessions) try to hang out somewhere else to avoid having to do something!

4. Learn when you need to get involved and when you don't!!! You will be much happier if you just learn when you should be there and when you should be there and just be quiet!

5. Don't tell Anyone's Secrets!!!! It ALWAYS comes back to YOU!

You will truly Make It Through It All!!!

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