the beach incredible heat salt water lapping crashing ocean front sun shining bright in day glorious in setting seagulls flying high then landing amongest the guests of the sand randomly releasing their extremities atop the umbrellas or heads of the same guests they were once resting by as they land picking at the tiny clams just left on the wet shore by the foamy white edging of the crashing water the waves rise and fall as the surfers try desperately to stay above the water and the circling sharks below obviously too close to the shore snapping at the feet of the oh so smart north carolina surfers and swimmers the nearby dawsons creek set has attracted the usual crowd who are now enjoying their time on the north carolina shore watching drowning surfers scream at the top of their lungs while being bitten by the misplaced sharks while lifeguards wearily climb down from the towers in an effort to save the helpless yet are slow in their descent and do not seem to care but rather do it because they are being paid high sums of money to act like they really care in their tight shorts and itty bitty swimsuits issued by the staff that hired them sweat drips from the bodies of everyone on the beach in the midsummer heat the humidity makes it feel more like one hundred and ten degrees instead of the true ninety seven reported by the local news station reporting live at noon