How to Not Gain the Freshman 15

1. Put Down That Doughnut, Hot Dog, Pizza, Mozzarella Stick, Buffalo Wing, Ice Cream and Soda!!!!!! College Campuses are plagued with fatty junk foods, that are juts delicious. But you need to ask yourself. Do I want to fit into my bikini this spring break, or do I want this Snickers bar. Its just as easy to eat healthy food at school. Instead of grabbing the junk, eat healthy food. Get a sandwich, have a piece of fruit, BE A FRIEND TO YOUR BODY!

2. While drinking is fun, its also very fattening. Avoid kegs stands and chugging more beers than you need while you are out.

3. High Tail That Booty to the Gym. Exercise is great, even if it is just for a half and hour to an hour every day, it helps keep up your metabolism, your strength and your health while burning that unwanted dessert calorie you JUST COULDN"T LIVE WITHOUT!

4. If you can't make it to the gym, but you can make it to the bar, You need to dance like you have never danced before!!! Get out on that floor and burn some calories while having some fun!!!

5. DO NOT EAT LATE NIGHT FOOD!!! It is not good for your body, and its a whole lot of eating and no real enjoyment. So avoid the late night binge or the huge case of the munchies!!!

These Tips Will allow you to keep your wardrobe and also Help You Make It Through It All!!!

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