10 Things to Tell Your Parents to Get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$Big Bucks $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1. I forgot to buy a book Mom, and it cost $100 dollars. Will you send me a check!!! You are the best! Love You!

2. Mom there is a formal this weekend that I was invited to, and everyone's going in a new dress, can I get one too??? PLEASEEEE!!

3. My sorority is having a philanthropy meeting and we need a small donation. Just send me some money and I'll write them a check.

4. Mom/Dad, I totally messed up. I got three parking tickets and I need to pay them immediately, or else I get an even bigger fine. Can I borrow "X" amount?

5. Rent went up this year by "X" amount, don't forget to send some extra dough.

6. I am getting a job tomorrow, I just need some money to last me until my first pay check.

7. Birthday presents for friends, donations and extra money for school expenses should all be forwarded to me first in the form of a check.

8. Its my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, and I want to treat him to a nice dinner. PLEASE HELP!

9. Mom/Dad we need a new microwave, the last one broke down. PLEASE HELP!

10. I love you, and if you loved me you would send me something, ANYTHING!

Theses excuses will definitely help you Make It Through It All!

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