How To Avoid the Walk of Shame

Here are some Easy ways to Survive the Embarrassment of waking up in a bed that, YEAH, ISN"T YOUR OWN!!! Some quick Tips to avoid the actual walk, and other ways to spare yourself some dignity.

1. If you wake up in the morning and you know the boy, like he is sort of you boyfriend, HAVE HIM DRIVE YOU HOME!!! He at least owes you that. And if you don't know him, still wake him up and ask if eh or one of his roommates has a car to give you a quick lift. Tell him that you have somewhere important to be or that you don't feel good. Believe me they may act groggy for a couple but you fake like you are going to puke and they are up! They would rather drive you home that clean some gross mess from their house.

2. If you wake up and its just TOO embarrassing to wake up the boy next to you, even though he has probably seen you half-naked, then call one of your girl friends. Your girlfriends, even the lazy ones will come and get you in the morning if they have a car, because out of the goodness of their heart they want to be the first to make fun of you and the first to hear all the details.

3. Campus Security. Call Campus Secularity and Lie your little butt off. Say that you have to get to work and your car broke down, or that you sprained your ankle and need some help getting back home. You got into college, you should be able to come up with some excusses. So that right, if you foresee a morning walk of shame, don't forget to take the campus security number with you.

4. Wake up early, as in no person in their right mind would be up unless they are just getting home from a nightshift or are going fishing. Borrow a couple of shirts and flip-flops lie around to make it look like you are going for a morning stroll. Try to fix your hair and wipe than mascara off your face, and then HIGH-TAIL IT HOME SISTA! If you happen to run into people, say you lost your ring, or credit card last night and you are trying to find it. People are slow in the morning, they'll believe ya!

5. In the worst case scenario, when there is no friend to pick you up, no taxi service or Campus Security, You will have to Do the Walk of shame home. Just tell people you aren't doing the walk of shame you are just walking home from one of your girlfriends houses because you crashed on her couch last night.

Believe me You Will Get Through It All!!!!

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