How To Survive Your Roommate that Just Doesn't Get It

Hi, my name is Natalie, and I am a college student who has survived the worst scenarios with the roommates I have encountered over the years. My first roommate was easy to figure out. She hated me and my friends, and I tried to avoid her as much as possible. She was the meanest most self-centered person I have ever met. We had an understanding, I was allowed to breathe and visit my room for short periods of time, but this was truly her space. How did I survive this roommate. PATIENCE!!!! OK, so if you are encountering a roommate like the one I just described, here is my advice. Don't let her make all the rules. Lay down a couple of your own. And if she is still testing your boundaries, be immature and do something that would really piss her off. That's right College Girls, this may be one of the last times to be immature in your relationships with people. When my Freshman roomie was bothering me, I would bring over my friends and make them hang out with me. She would literally give them the finger if they even tried to say hi to her. I loved it! She just couldn't handle my life being so close to hers. Well the problem wasn't with me....It was with her. Just realize your freshmen roomies will come and go, but the funny stories will last a lifetime.

The Second roommates I encountered were amazing. Two of my very best friends in the world I lived with in a Ghetto small apartments where nothing worked. Then we had a live in roommate that never went home, because her roomies were annoying. There was also the stray cat that was adopted into out apartment that was equally ghetto like everything else that lived there. So the four of us, and ghetto cat, squeezed in together in this tight space, and of course THERE WERE BOUND TO BE FIGHTS!!! One of my favorite fights was the fact that there was only one bathroom. The bathroom was bound to get clogged. And it did. We'll never tell who's fault it was, but the embarrassing thing was that every time this happened we had to go visit one of our hot apartment neighbors and ask them to use their plunger. This causes SO much embarrassment because you get the guys and all of their friends smiling at you while they hand you the plunger, and you know when they close that door behind you there is laughter. So there were many fights over the plunger, the hairdryer, the trash, the vegetable drawer that was it own eco-system, the boyfriends who were just taking up too much space in the apart mend t, and of course "WHO ATE MY FOOD!" How did we survive it. The best sense of humor I have ever encountered. Lets just say living that when things got tough, it was great to live RIGHT NEXT TO A BAR! So yeah, maybe alcoholism, and drugs may not be the answer, but humor is. To this day every time we bring up hat living situation we are brought to tears because we are laughing so hard. So ever fear, nothing is that bad that you can't survive it. NOTHING!

The Third year my best-friends roomie and I moved in together and it was a great move. We were so excited about our NICE apartment and our location. Well the thing was my roomies went through a tough time because of a break up that went horribly wrong. It was so hard to see someone you love be so hurt and change right tin front of you eyes. I had to deal with ALOT of heartbreak, ALOT of drama, and basically do a whole lot of caring that comes with how much you love your best friend. How did we survive, well we barely did. But here we are a year later, and we still love each other. Sometimes she may come home with a Dog or a new boy "friend" that totally throws me, or maybe she just doesn't clean or do what's she supposed to when you want her to. Well GET OVER IT! Your friends are not centered around your life. They have their own problems, love interests, time for cleaning and so on. So stop thinking that the apartment revolves around you, and realize that you have limited time with your friends at school. Cherish them, even love the little things that could set you off. In the end you'll be a million times happier when you don't let the little things get to you, and you learn to pick your battles. So remember, Patience, A sense of humor, Alcohol, and a good sense of when to pick your battles is the way to Get through it all!!!!

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